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The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers, designers, and practitioners, and anyone working with or on behalf of mothers, to discuss the role of technology in motherhood, and in particular the impact of digital support on feelings of well-being, loneliness, and role conflict. We welcome anyone who feels that their experiences as a mother, academic, mother-returning-to-work, or stay at home mum to attend this workshop. This workshop is also open to those whose research or personal experience focuses on fatherhood, or the family holistically. We recognise motherhood and the return to work is an identity transition that necessarily impacts a mother’s whole network. For more info, please look at our workshop submission:

We invite interested researchers to submit a position paper relating to the topics identified above.

Please use the CHI ACM Extended Abstract template for all submissions:

Applications-to-attend should be a maximum of 2 pages in length and include:

  • A biography of the author(s)
  • A summary of previous work relevant to the workshop and/or an explanation of interest in this research area
  • One brief scenario, which will be used to encourage discussion at the start of the workshop [see example below]. Your scenario should make organizers and attendees aware of a particular experience you feel is important to motherhood
  • We also ask that workshop attendees join the organizers in collating an online repository describing apps, resources, or specific technologies aimed at supporting mothers [details of which will be released once attendees are finalized]. 
Example scenario: Laura is currently on maternity leave. She has received a lot of support from NHS services such as midwives and health visitors throughout her pregnancy and birth. Before she went on maternity leave she was working full time. Laura is now considering how and when to return to work, but doesn’t know where to look or who to speak to. 

Direct all queries and paper submissions to Lisa Thomas:

Important Dates

  • 12 February 2019: Deadline for workshop position paper submissions
  • Extended deadline 22nd February 2019 5pm BST
  • 1 March 2019: Workshop paper submission acceptances communicated

Please note

One author from the application-to-attend must be able to attend the workshop (and register for a minimum of 1 CHI day).