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Dr. Lisa Thomas  |  Northumbria University

Lisa is a senior researcher in PaCTLab. Lisa has been the lead institutional researcher on three large collaborative EPSRC projects. She has a broad interest in life transitions,identity, and well-being, and has explored the use of digital resources in the transition to university. She is currently working on a project assessing digital resources adopted by student mums to juggle both roles.

Dr Liz Sillence  |  Northumbria University

Liz is a lecturer in psychology and an eHealth researcher. Liz has worked on a number of eHealth projects focusing on the issues of trust and identity in online health information. This work has captured engagement with different stakeholders including mothers as they decide whether to vaccinate their children. Liz has published extensively within the field of online support groups examining how people share personal experiences as part of their decision-making around health and wellbeing. 

Dr Vicki Elsey  |  Northumbria University

Vicki is a Chartered Psychologist (BPS), Registered Practitioner Occupational Psychologist (HCPC) and Principal Lecturer within the Department of Psychology.Vicki’s research interests centre around careers and employability, in particular she is supervising a PhD on the ‘Motherhood Penalty’, and has ongoing research work on diversity in the workplace and identity formation in niche careers. Vicki has extensive experience of applying psychology to the workplace in the areas of career development and employee selection. 

Emma Simpson  |  Newcastle University

Emma is an EPSRC funded final year Digital Civics PhD candidate at Open Lab, Newcastle University. Her research is situated at the intersection of Public Health and HCI with a particular focus on women’s health. Recent work and publications are centred around understanding the role of FeedFinder and the data it provides in breastfeeding practice, across both public and professional settings. 

Prof Louise Moody  |  Coventry University

Louise is Professor of Health Design and Human Factors at Coventry University. She specializes in the development of products, services and systems that support health and wellbeing. She has worked on a number of projects exploring the information needs of new mothers, for example in relation to newborn screening and breastfeeding. Louise has twice negotiated the return to work and continues to try and juggle motherhood and a career!