Position papers

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Reflections on Breastfeeding- Kathrin Gerling; Luc Geurts; Kymeng Tang (KU Leuven); Wei Chen (Fudan University)

“Having come through the other side, I’m not sure anything would have prepared me for what’s happened”: the role of technology in supporting the perinatal journey- Nikki Newhouse ; Ann Blandford (UCL Interaction Centre)

Smartphones and Constructions of Motherhood- Paulina Yurman (Goldsmiths)

Technology to Address Work-Motherhood Role Conflicts- Sarah Clinch (The University of Manchester)

How fathers use social media to make sense of and reframe the meaning of fatherhood- Tawfiq Ammari (University of Michigan)

Motherhood and Employment: Challenges for HCI research on
work-life conflict- Yoana Petrova; Anna L. Cox; Duncan P. Brumby (UCL Interaction Centre)